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Complete Shotguns*                                                  $ 250                *Complete shotgun pricing does not                                                                                                                               include floor plates, bolts, or trigger                                                                                                                         guards.                                                      

Complete Over and Under                                                                            

Or side by side                                                         $250

Stock                                                                      $150 and up wood stocks priced based on condition and amount of prep work needed


Single Barrel Only                                                    $100 and up

Over and Under or

Side by Side Barrel Only                                         $125  and up    

Vented Barrel Only                                                  $125

Receiver Only                                                          $100

 Disassemble & reassemble                                                  $25 & up


Complete Rifle* (barrel, stock, receiver)               250 and up                       * Complete rifle and black powder                                                                                                                           pricing does not include floor plate,                                                                                                                                 trigger guards, or ram rods.


Black Powder Rifle*                                                $235 and up                                 

Rifle Stock Only                                                      $150 and up

Rifle Barrel Only                                                     $125 and up

AR-15 Rifle                                                             $325 

Scope*  (Scope Waiver required)                           $100                                * Scopes must be fully immersed in                                                                                                                          water and NO warranty is issued.

Scope Rings and Base                                           $45 

Choke Tube                                                            $35 

Extension Tube                                                       $35

  Disassemble & reassemble                                                  $25 & up




Complete Pistol                                                      $150 & up                     

Contender Pistol Barrel                                          $85

Complete Revolver                                                    $185

Cylinder                                                                   $75

Frame                                                                      $100

Grips                                                                       $45

       Disassemble & reassemble                                                  $25 & up


Paintball Guns:

Complete Gun Less Hopper                                  $150 & Up

Complete Tippman ( or similar style)                     $250

Tippman Rifle ( or similar style )                            $260

Most Hoppers                                                        $75

Most Tanks                                                           $65

Most Face Masks                                                  $75

Stock                                                                     $60

Barrel                                                                    $60

There are so many styles we may need photos for  complete pricing.

Please email or call for additional pricing.



Bow* (Riser and  Limbs)                                      $175                  *Pricing includes riser and one set                                                                                                                              of limbs.


Complete Bow                                                     $225 & up

(Riser, Limbs, quiver top, and stabilizer) 

Riser Only                                                           $125 & Up

Limbs Only (2)                                                    $75 & up

Cams or Wheels                                                 $50 & Up

Limb Pockets (2)                                                $45

Quiver Top                                                         $35

Stabilizer                                                            $35 & Up



European Skull Mounts:

Deer, coyote                                                     $125 & Up

Buffalo, bear                                                     $150 & Up



We offer a full range of motorcycle tanks, fenders, and accessories as well as  car and truck dash trim.  Prices range from $150 - $750 depending on size and number of pieces.  We can also process engine pieces such as intakes, valve covers, air cleaner bases, and radiator covers just to name a few.

 Prices subject to change

 This is just a partial list of items to which we can apply hydrographics.  This process can be applied to almost any 2 or 3 dimensional item.  If you can dream it, we can process it!  Feel free to contact us for further information and additional pricing.

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